Einladung zum Tallinn Nord Cup 2020

Welcome to the international youth basketball tournament “Tallinn Nord Cup 2020”

SK Nord sportclub invites your junior teams to attend the International basketball tournament “Tallinn Nord Cup 2020”, which will be held in Tallinn during 15.- 17.05.2020.

Tallinn Nord Cup 2020 tournament is for young basketball talents. There was 196 teams across 156different age groups from 8 different countries attended in 2019 tournament. In year 2020, we plan on raising the number of attending countries to 11 and the number of teams to atleast 225.

Tallinn Nord Cup 2020 will have 16 different age groups:

Boys:U19(2001-2003), U16(2004), U15(2005), U14(2006), U13(2007), U12(2008), U11(2009), U10(2010) ja U9(2011)

Girls: U19(2001-2003), U16(2004), U14(2006), U13(2007), U12(2008), U11(2009) ja U10(2010)

NB: In all agegroups there will be also a challenge tournament (except Boys U9).

  • The organizer reserves the right depending of the amount of teams to put together the challenge and maingroup teams.

The tournament will be played in 7 different gyms:

  1. TTÜ Sports Hall, Männiliiva Str. 7, Tallinn
  2. Õismäe Sports Hall, Ehitajate tee 141, Tallinn
  3. Kristiine Sportshouse, Sõpruse Avenue 161, Tallinn
  4. Nord Cramo Sports Hall, Tervise 21, Tallinn
  5. Sõle Sports Hall, Sõle 40a, Tallinn
  6. Kristiine Sports Hall, Forelli 12, Tallinn
  7. Kalevi Sports Hall, Juhkentali 12, Tallinn



  1. Original Sokos Hotel Viru, Viru Väljak 4, Tallinn
  2. Park Inn By Radisson Meriton Tallinn, Toompuiestee 27/Paldiski Road 4, Tallinn
  3. Hotell Dzingel, Männiku Road 89, Tallinn
  4. Academic Hostel, Akadeemia tee 11/1, Nõmme/Tallinn
  5. School accommodation




Tallinn Nord Cup 2020 team fee with the accommodation package is 150EUR/per team.
Tallinn Nord Cup 2020 team fee without the accommodation package is 150EUR/per team, plus participation fee  25EUR/participants.                                                                                                                                                                  Tallinn Nord Cup 2020 team  and participation fee payment deadline is  15.04.2020

Additional discounts:
10% – 2 teams.
20% – 3 – 5 teams.
30% – from 6 teams.
Extra 30 % (105EUR/team) discount of the team fee will be applied if the payment will be done before 31.12.2019.

For a more in-depth overview of the age groups, rules, attendee, pass pricing, registration etc, visit the tournament’s

homepage at  WWW.TALLINNNORDCUP.EU You can also send email to info@tallinnnordcup.eu or call us on +372 530 933 99.


                                        See you at the TALLINN NORD CUP 2020 tournament!